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Holding Hands

Comprehensive Psychiatric Care
Expert Psychiatric Services Tailored for Comfort and Convenience

Dedicated mental health support for residents of ALFs, ILFs, at home and online

At Matus Medical, we are committed to providing exceptional psychiatric care wherever it's needed. Whether it's in assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, or the comfort of your own home, our specialized services are designed to support mental well-being with dignity and respect

Our Services

Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs)

Nurse with Senior Patient

Supporting Mental Health in Assisted Living

Our ALF psychiatric services focus on creating a supportive environment that promotes mental health and emotional well-being. We offer comprehensive assessments, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support tailored to the unique needs of assisted living residents.

Services include medication management, individual therapy, group sessions, and family consultations to ensure holistic care.

Independent Living Facilities (ILFs)

Empowering Independence Through Mental Wellness

For residents of independent living facilities, we provide psychiatric services that empower individuals to maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life. Our approach integrates mental health support with daily living, helping residents manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

Our offerings include regular mental health check-ups, cognitive therapies, and lifestyle advising.


Home Visits


Personalized Psychiatric Care at Home

Home visits allow for deeply personalized care in the patient's most comfortable environment. Ideal for those who prefer privacy or cannot travel, our home visit services ensure accessibility to quality psychiatric care without the need to leave home.

We specialize in comprehensive mental health evaluations, ongoing therapy, and supportive care customized to fit the personal and environmental needs of our patients.

Online Psychiatric Services

Expert Care at Your Fingertips

Our virtual consultations offer a seamless experience that fits your schedule and needs. From initial assessments to ongoing therapy sessions, our licensed psychiatrists and therapists provide the same level of care as they would in-person.

Services include diagnostic assessments, treatment planning, medication management, and therapeutic interventions tailored to individual mental health needs.

Video Consultation

What we treat


Characterized by persistent sadness, lack of interest in enjoyable activities, and withdrawal from social interactions, depression can significantly impact daily functioning. Our treatment approaches include therapy, lifestyle advice, and medication management to help restore balance and improve mood.

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