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Checking Weight

BMI Calculator

Calculate your body mass index (BMI) with our free online BMI calculator. Knowing your BMI can help you understand your weight status and your risk for health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

To use our BMI calculator, simply enter your height and weight into the fields provided. The calculator will then provide you with a BMI result that falls into one of four categories: underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese.

If your BMI falls into the overweight or obese category, don't worry. Our team at MedM Weight Loss can help you develop a personalized weight loss plan that takes into account your unique needs and goals.


Our solutions may include a combination of medical weight loss treatments such as Wegovy, Mounjaro, diet and exercise plans, and support from our team of weight loss experts.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve a healthy weight and reduce your risk of health problems, contact us today."

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